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The Changing Colors With The Seasons

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Pumpkin everything begins to appear in stores and is the favored flavor for all the tasty treats out there. Sintillia is clearly an avid fan for any fashion statement additions. So, just in time, we have reviewed some of our favorite new Fall color trends for you can fall in love with.
Our first “go-to” for Fall is the Gel Manicure by “Gelish.” Nothing adds to fall like a fresh merlot-colored manicure peaking out from your grey wool sweater! For about the same budget it takes to maintain a weekly manicure, Gel manicures are a simple, lasting around 3 weeks to 1 month. Our favorite manicure is Gelish’s new line for Fall 2014. We are particularly bias to their “Clean Slate” grey color featured as our fall favorite on the Sintillia Instagram. This fresh, understated shade still allows you to make a seasonal statement while you still may be incorporating some of your summer pieces into your Fall attire.


Speaking of understated, one thing that certainly isn’t, is this season’s trends for Hair colors. They definitely accomplish making a statement. Warm up your color this Fall with bright, eccentric versions of the colors leaves turn and then some! From the predictable Auburn variations to drastic ‘Black Currant’ shades, these new attention-grabbing colors are catching our attention this Fall.
For the brunettes, salted carmel tones & frosted chestnut shades gives an enriched version of the beachy highlighted brunettes left over from summer. As the temperature drops, so does the cooler tones for the blondies. Ashy tones become “clearish” blonde with blue and lavender variations. These appear as a more transparent yet dramatic statement. For the red heads the new “Amber Romance” hair color (pictured in the center square below) combines a mixture of apricot and seasonal tones mixed with honey highlights. It’s one of our personal favorites from this new unique pallet of trends.





With winter just around the corner, blue/ pinkish blonds, along with all white-out blonde begin to shift in. “Juniper breeze, Icy Platinum, Primrose Gold & Amethyst,” are the hot new shades to read up on for winter! That’s enough color to get us through the winter, don’t you think?  Which are your favorite new color trends? Do you have any other statement colors this Fall you are crazy about?

Xx Sintillia



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