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About Us

Sintillia is about celebrating life and being adventurous. All sunglass straps are designed and inspired by a combination of hair pieces and body jewelry. If someone is going to invest in an expensive accessory like sunglasses or everyday eyewear, there should be a fashionable way to protect them!

 Sintillia's founder had a fashion sense for that was evident from the beginning. From midwest roots to graduating in California she set off once again, to study Mandarin Chinese in Shanghai, China. Always living a very on-the-go lifestyle she always had her favorite accessory with her, her favorite pair of Ray-Bans. Time spent at the beach, traveling or just an everyday outfit in sunny California, she regretted the one too many times  her favorite sunnies tumbled to the ground, or got left behind.

After faced with an unfortunate health struggle she was presented with down time which allowed her to reflect on the intersection of fashion and the practical beach lifestyle. It brought her attention to the importance of fashion meeting function. After searching for a sunglass strap or chain that could be considered fashion worthy she was unable to find one anywhere on the market. This was when the inspiration for Sintillia's line of statement sunglass straps was born. After living two years in the largest city in the world, she was fueled energy to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream and design the line. 


   Meet Sintillia, for those who follow the sun. Designed to inspire everyone to chase their dreams and follow the sun, traveling the world. 


{Sintillia ships wherever in the world the sun shines for under $5} 

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