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Sunglass Strap Size Guide

Eyewear Strap Sizes

All of our sunglass straps are designed to style various ways. We categorize our strap sizes into 3 categories listed below. To determine which category each style falls under please refer to each product's details listed below. 


Short Straps: 

Our short eyewear strap styles are designed to fit more as a hair piece & will be shorter when the glasses are worn around your neck. They frame your hair/back of head, when your sunglasses are worn on your face.

  • Sunglass Strap Lengths: (15"-20")  (38cm -50 cm)


Medium Straps:

Our medium glasses chain styles are the classic sunglass strap length that hangs around your neck and is easy to wear. They are easy-to-wear and great everyday straps to change between glasses worn on your face & down on your chest.

  • Sunglass Strap Lengths: (21"-30") (53cm-76cm)


Long / Backlace Straps:

Our long 'backlace' strap designs make a statement down your back when your glasses are worn on your face. When glasses are worn on your chest, strap makes a design at the base of your neck. These make great statement pieces and are our signature Sintillia eyewear strap designs.

  • Sunglass Strap Lengths: (31"-60") (77cm -154cm)



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