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Have Fun In The Sun, Look & Feel Good Doing It

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Spring Break is right around the corner, and with that everyone knows that means time to be in a bikini, with a margarita in hand, and of course wearing your Sintillia Sunglass Statement Straps while soaking up the sun.

However, between stress eating and lacking the time or energy to get yourself to the gym, you may not be as psyched as you imagine to be bathing suit ready. Look no further— Sintillia has come up with a list of 4 last minute ways to look good for Spring Break with a week to spare before the big depute of you in your bathing suit.


1. Stop being lazy, and GO TO THE GYM. 
Cranking out toning exercise right before you leave won’t give you Beyonces' booty overnight but it can give you some last minute definition and make you feel better. If you do have time, get a cardio workout in. Incorporate short bursts of incrusted intensity and speed into your regular treadmill routine. Strength training can be done anywhere so whip out your yoga mat and do some sets for yours arms,abs, butt, and legs. Now its crunch time so try to challenge yourself and see how far you can push yourself! Remember! Spring Break is right around the corner! 
2. Drink up! 
Water, that is ( You’ll get your margarita soon enough!) Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated will help de-bloat you and keep your skin looking fresh for Spring Break. It will also decrease your appetite! So before you go in on the Oreo Cookies drink a glass of water first and give yourself 15 minutes before digging in. Sometimes we think that we are hungry but really its our bodies telling us that we are dehydrated. Also adding lemon to your water supposedly helps minimize appetite and speeds up your metabolism. Also don’t forget to keep up on your water intake while your on Spring Break, from the hot sun to the endless shots of tequila your body will become dehydrated and its absolutely crucial that you stay hydrated.  
3. Avoid Bloating 
Bloating can make you feel uncomfortable and look puffy, so avoid foods with high sodium. Try to eliminate anything that is salty, greasy,  alone with gas producing foods like beans and broccoli. Carbonated drinks can also cause bloating— which is more of a reason to stick to water prior the week before Spring Break. Try incorporating bananas, pineapples, yogurt, and peppermint to reduce bloating. 
4. Stand up straight— and SMILE! 
Slouching makes anyone look bad, it makes rolls in even the flattest of stomachs. By stinging up straight, you'll not only look longer and learner, but also make you appear confident. And confidence looks good on anybody! And of course don’t forget to smile and show off your pearly whites against your tan radiant skin! Smiling can go a longer way than you think. He will be in-captured in your beautiful smile and will look past any imperfections that you  don’t think up to par.
Remember, Spring Break is a time to have fun! As you may want to look your best just know that you are not the only one who’s thinking “Do I look fat?” Unless your partying with a Victoria Secret Model… and in that case good luck. But seriously, this is your time to relax, have some me time, enjoy the sun with your friends, and have the best time before reality hits again and your back at school. So remember to have fun, always be on your guard, and to follow the sun with Sintillia on Spring Break! 
Sintillia loves if you take pictures wearing your Sintillia strap and tag us in any post, while you are out following the sun during your travels this Spring Break.  We offer discounts/prices for those who send us content! 
Xx Sintillia

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