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Finding The Right Sunglass Style For Your Face

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Finding the perfect sunglasses for your face shape

Picking out the ideal sunglasses for your face is not an easy task as many of your probably know. There are some many frames to choose from and each compliment your features in many different ways. The summer is coming and it is a necessity to have a new pair of sunglasses to rock out with for 2015. Plus, how are you to wear your Sintillia sunglass statement straps without sunglasses? So— Sintillia has created a guide for all you beauties out there to find the perfect shape for you this summer! 


To find the best sunglasses for your shape, you will have to:
  • Measure Your Face 
  • Determine Your Face Shape
  • Find a Sunglass Style

Measure Your Face 

Measuring the dimensions of your face will help you get an exact idea of what size and shape your face is. So grab a mirror, a tape measure, a pen, and lets begin. 
1. Measure Cheekbone to Cheekbone
2. Measure Forehead Width
3. Measure Face Length
4. Measure Jaw Line 
Now look at your measurements and compare them to each other. Determine which shape of face you are by following below. 
Determine Your Face Shape
 Once you have established the size of your shape, the next step is to determine your face shape.  Sintillia has come up with six different face shapes that are bound to fit yours when picking the perfect sunglasses. 
Round: The round face has noticeable curves and less defined angles. The ideal eyewear should lack curve features while emphasizing shaper angular lines that will help elongate your face and make it look sharper and thiner. Rectangle and square are the keys to round-faced sunglass victory. 
Square: Generally, square shaped faces ware about the same length and width across the face— they are characterized by a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. People in this category should look for a farm with a round or oval shaped lenses that will help them round out the sharpness of their features for a more balanced look. Some styles that would work for this shape are aviators or any frame that favors oval or circular curves.
Oval: Oval aces have the sunglass world  handed to them because literally every farm looks awesome on! Oval faces have gently rounded, fairly even features, and basically any shade is going to work well on them. Designer to sport, fashion to function, everything just works. Just make sure you don’t get huge frames because it will block out your pretty symmetrical features; choose sunglasses that cover the face from the eyebrows to the cheekbones. 
Oblong: Also know as rectangular, are long and narrow with few angles. Oblong faces work especially well with oversized sunglasses, rectangular lenses, and sunglasses with thick frames. Another option is sunglasses that  have a vintage stele frames because the sharp angles and bold lines will give oblong faces an edge. This group of beauties should embrace square, wayfarer, and rectangle style sunglasses. Oblong faces should avoid small sunglasses/ frames. 
Heart: Lastly, heart shaped faces, sometimes known a triangle, are widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin. Sunglasses that will compliment this shape will be a cat-eye styles or sunglasses that feature rounded edges to give you a balanced look. This shape will be best fitted with butterfly, rimless, or aviator style sunglasses.
Diamond: Diamond-shaped faces can be classified by a narrow jawline and forehead with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face. Oval and rimless frames will help compliment wide or high cheekbones. Diamond faces should pick out frames that feature gentle curves and should not be wider than your cheekbones. 
Sunglass Style
Aviator: Popularized by pilots and Tom Cruise, aviator- style sunglasses  have become a favorite of many all over the world. Some features of an aviator frame are simple colors, tear dropped lenses, and metal frames.
Square: If You have a narrow or round face and want to add  a rocking jawline; square frames are the way to go. Square sunglasses look good on oval land oblong faces due to the contrasting angles of this kind of face. Commonly oversized, these can be a fashion forward look, or they can just block extra sun rays on a really rough Sunday morning. 
Butterfly: Generally oversized, butterfly frames can vary in terms of details like temple width and height and sometimes shape. For the most part, the butterfly frame will  fan out from the bridge, just like a butterfly. These are great to hide your face from the morning after or dealing with the paparazzi. Jackie O use to love these back in the day. 
Rectangle: If the sunglass frame of the lens is wider than it is tall, it’s most likely to be rectangle. Rectangle frames work well on round faces, and can add length to a short face by contrast. 
Wayfarer: The Wayfarer is a classic shape that has been worn since the 1950s. Think Blues Brothers. Versatile and timeless, plus this frame looks amazing on almost every face. 
Semi-Rimless: The semi-rimless has been another style that has been around for some time and has recently regained popularity. These come in a variety of colors and size. Fun fact, known as the Anti-Ray-Ban Frame. 

No matter where the sun takes you, you must make sure you have the perfect shades with you. The Sintillia Sunglasses Guide hopefully has you a little bit more comfortable in your decision when purchasing sunglasses. And with the perfect sunglasses, comes Sintillia’s statement sunglass straps. Turn your outfit from perfect to magnificent. The best part is, ALL of Sintillia’s statement straps looks perfect on anyone so there is no time wasted finding the “perfect strap shape”!  

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