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Accessories For Your Sunglasses

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To some sunglasses save the lives of the night crawler from the morning after or like many, they are a fashionable face-framing accessory and now we have our favorite accessories for your sunglasses. Sunglasses can range from price, style, color, and size but we all should use a way to protect them from the crazy world that we live in. Sintillia has created a list of our favorite accessories for protecting and keeping your sunglasses in new condition. Plus you now can protect your sunglasses in both a fashionable but practical way! 


Three Necessary Accessories for Sunglasses 


  1. Case:  For whether you own reading, sunglasses or prescription glasses for everyday use requires a case.  It provides protection against any damage and allows for storage and safe keepings. The styles of eye glass cases vary by style. Soft or Hard is usually the type of shell which depends on the user. Soft are popular amongst those who use their glasses for reading. These cases are usually made out of materials such as leather or canvas. Hard cases are used often when traveling outside the house and used to protect the glasses from any damage. Hard cases are mainly used for sunglasses or any kind of glasses which are used constantly. 

Sintillia’s Accessory Choice: Tanner Goods Case

It may resemble an overcooked version of its Pillsbury crescent roll cousin (once removed), this leather Tanner Goods Case is definitely not for eating. The filling, sunglasses provided by you. Tanner Goods brings 5.5oz Horween Rich Chromexcel leather in one of five colors (black, Chicago tan, dark oak, rich moc, or natural), a brass button stud, burnishing, dying, waxing, stamping and craftsmanship to the table. Their inspiration— 60’s-era US Army standard-issue case because of its simplicity and functionality. With such detail this sunglass case cost around $65. 


  1. DIY Glasses Cleaning Spray: 

    We all have done it. When either a smudge mark or fingerprint resides on our glass lens, used the corner of our shirt to clean them off. But it actually terrible for your glasses. Your shirt is likely filled with dust, which then scratches the lens. And remember, you probably dropped 300 dollars for your baby Prada’s. This accessory for your sunglasses is major because the lens is what you see out of. With using a glass cleaner/ spray will endure longevity with your shades.  Instead of buying the spray, Sintillia is sharing our favorite organic spray which can be made in you’re kitchen. 
    • Witch Hazel 
    • One Drop of Soap (Dawn) 
    • Water 

    Stir these ingredients and just like that you have your own glass cleaner. Only thing missing is a microfiber cloth and you are all set to go! Now you no longer feel guilty about scratching your lenses, who knew! 


    1. Sunglass Straps: The practical neck strap is essential to keep your sunglasses in place where ever you travel. Most have end loops that fasten so ensure safety. These are great for surfing, dancing, Coachella, and basically any physical movement. Where you go, you can ensure your sunglasses will be on you at all times. 


    All designs are inspired by a combination of hairpieces and body jewelry. Higher end sunglasses can range from $200-$400 dollars, these “statement sunglass straps” can avoid you from loosing them and have different options for comfort allowing the it to serve as a fashionable and practical addition to an attire. Sintillia can range anywhere from $15 to $30 dollars. Not only is it an affordable way to protect your sunglasses but to be fashionable too! 


    Many skip out on accessories for their beloved shades and our question is WHY? Especially when it will ensure a longer life for your sunnies. Tell us about what kind of accessories you use for your sunglasses?

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