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Show Your Love With The Gift Of Sintillia

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Show your love with this list of gifts for women for the big day of love

This weekend, people will wine and dine those most special to them throughout the world to enjoy a romantic night out in celebration of Valentines Day. Girls go crazy to find the perfect while the men go nuts to find the perfect gift for womenWhat is Valentines Day without out a gift of appreciation? So this Valentine’s Day follow our list of 5 top gifts under $20 dollars!

 1. Homemade Chocolate Strawberries. Not only is sweet but its simple. Just take an hour out of your day to make them and add a bottle of Champaign to add the icing on the cake.
2. A Framed Picture. You can purchase a quality picture frame for around $10 to $17 dollars on Amazon. And adding the photo of you and your significant other will make it more sentimental than you think. Plus seeing your face everyday at work on his or her desk will only make that day so much better.
3. His or Her Timepieces. These stylish black and white table clocks are designed for any lover or friend. Plus—they’ll never be running late for one of your dates again. A timeless gift for a woman that will always remind her of your memories.


2 piece Capistrano Table Clock Set, $13.95,

4. Extraordinary Salt & Pepper. Not only are they adorable but they would look great in any ones kitchen. Give the gift of love to an elephant lover!


5.) Sintillia Sunglass Statement Straps. Sintillia is about celebrating life and being adventurous. Give this gift to one who follows the sun.  This Valentine’s Day give the gift of Sintillia to those who appreciate the simple things in life with our Rose N’ Glowing Chain because who really wants roses which will last a week when Sintillia can last you a lifetime. Each strap ranges from $15 to $19.


Rose N’ Glowing Sunglass Strap, $17.00


Gifts for women is not always an easy decision. What's your favorite gift to give on Valentine's Day? Send us your gift ideas! xx


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