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Sintillia Follows The Sun To Coachella, Sunglass Accessories & Everyday Items Must-Haves

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Your Coachella Fashion Accessory Must-haves In Order To Survive Coachella 2015

From your sunglass accessories to your everyday items you may forget...

Its that time of year again where festival season is starting  and committed fans are worried about what is going to be needed to survive one magical week. Coachella 2015  is setting up its game using developers to turn the festival into a  “Return to Aztlan” theme park. It would include a 200-foot pyramid, 10,00 person concert plaza, 12-screen movie theater, rides, a river walk, hotel, restaurant and stores. So what are you going to need to survive “Return to Aztlan”; lets just say Sintillia has you prepared for all of your accessories, form your sunglass accessories all the way to the simple and small things you may forget that may save you! 


    • 1.  Backpack // Distributing the weight across your body instead on shoulder is crucial. A fanny pack would work as well but if you’re going to spend all day there you should pack enough for 6 hour +. JanSport Mesh Backpack is super cool and easy access to make sure you have all your belongings. 
2. Watch // You will need to be checking the time constantly to make sure you make it time for your choice sets, so spare your phone’s precious battery and wear a watch instead. A water proof would work even better! 
3. Foldable Water Bottle// Not only will this save space but you can hook it to your backpack for easy access. Plus its one less thing that you have to keep inside your backpack. 
4. Light Sheet// This will be great for when you just want to sit in the shade with your friends and lay down for a bit. Maybe eat some lunch and take a nap. Since it will thin it also won’t take up to much space in your backpack. This is a Coachella Hidden Secret. If you want to get hippy with it, bring a tapestry with a cool print. 
5. 'Keep Calm & Wait for Coachella' wrapping paper // Okay, so if you are anything as excited as we are for the big weekend... what could be a better way to express your festive enthusiasm, than sending them a statement sunglass strap delivery from Sintillia to their door wrapped in Coachelle wrapping paper. What a great gift idea & kind gesture to amp up your friends even more & make your festival fashion this year as original as possible. 
6. Sunglasses // This is just a given. It will be hot and bright. Sunglasses will be your best friend the whole time. These ones are super cute and have detail around the frames that kind of add a little something if you are anything like us, above all most important are your sunglass accessories.
7. Sintillia Sunglass Statement Straps // Okay, maybe these will be your new best friend. Never lose your sunglasses again! These will you prevent you from losing your sunglasses either dancing, drinking, stumbling or all above. Look fashionable while doing it! Sintillia Sunglass Statement Straps can make the simplest outfits turn into turn heading "OMG where did you get that”. Making a statement with your sunglasses can pull your whole outfit together all with just that one added accessory. Who ever knew once known nerdy "croakies" would turn into a new must-have fashion accessory for your Coachella outfit. Plus, they come in so many different designs so anybody can add their personal touch to their statement-making strap.
What do you guys never forget in your bag to Coachella? What's your favorite Sintillia style for festival season? Are there strap designs you want to see more of in the coming season? 
USE CODE: 'COACHELLA' for 10% OFF your sunglass accessories for 2015!

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