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The Best of Celebrity Bohemian Coachella Fashion

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The Best Celebrity Looks at Coachella last year from their outfits and accessories to their hairstyles! Let them inspire your 2015 look!

Festival season is the best time of the year for not only die-hard festival fans, but also for trendy celebrities. We all admire their looks, whether it’s on a red carpet, or a casual outfit, and want to model our look after theirs. Festivals like Coachella are an awesome place to try out new, different, and even crazy outfits ideas inspired by celebs like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Alessandra Ambrosio. Check out these looks for inspiration for your Coachella 2015 wardrobe and don’t forget to add Sintillia Sunglass Straps as the perfect accessory!!



1.) Kendall Jenner: I  think this was Kendall’s best look at Coachella. She stood out because she wore pants when most other people wore dresses or shorts. The crop top was a popular festival trend in 2014 and im sure will make a comeback in 2015. The only accessory she chose to wear was a long chunky necklace. The boho style pattern and flare on the pants and the strapless, loose fit of the crop top really fit the Coachella feel. She added a little sparkle by putting jewels around her eyes.


2.) Kylie Jenner:

Kylie is none for taking more risks with her style than her sister Kendall. Kylie rocked an all black outfit at the second night of Coachella. An all black outfit is rare for a music festival, but Kylie showed that all black is easy to wear at a festival. A flowy, lace crop top and cheeky shorts are two festival must haves. She raised the style stakes by putting a twist on the typical floral headpiece. The black flowers on top of her head made a statement along with all of the silver pendant necklaces, studded bum bag, and blue-mirrored sunglasses. Thanks to Kylie I think we can all expect to see more black at this years festivals.



3.) Venessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens is commonly known as the Queen of Coachella. Every year she shows up in amazing outfits that leave the fans anxiously waiting for the next festival to see what she wears. In 2014, Vanessa showed off her signature bohemian style with big hats, bikini tops, flowy cover-ups, and trendy accessories. She showed up with new blonde, flowing hair, adding to the boho feel. In this look she is wearing an oversized hat and neon mirrored sunglasses. Her colorful loose fitting romper is dressed up with tons of accessories, like a bright, bulky bracelet, a bunch of sliver necklaces and an oriental fan. This look along with her other looks from the weekend are sure to be an inspiration for future festival-goers.





3.) Alessandra Ambrosio: 

We all know Alessandra Ambrosio as one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels. Because of her model frame, she can wear almost anything and look amazing in it. Her Coachella outfit was a little bit different, since it is pretty rare to see outfits that are as matchy-matchy as this one. In this look, she pairs a super short crop top with 60’s inspired high waisted shorts. Adding the belt breaks up the look a little bit, and the big necklace adds some interest. She stays pretty natural with her hairstyle and sunglass choice, choosing to wear classic aviator style glasses instead of the brightly colored mirrored lenses we usually see. Her simple fringed bag adds to the natural, easy look and sets her apart from the bolder, in your face color and outfit choices that are common at festivals. I think her easy, natural look is something we are going to see in festivals to come!






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Who is is your favorite celebrity fashion icon for Coachella style? Xx



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