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From Selfies to Sunglasses: The Best Travel Accessories To Make Sure Your Pack

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From Selfies to Sunglasses: Some of the Best Travel Accessories You Must Have in Your Luggage   



1. The Selfie Stick

Ever wanted to take a picture of you and your group of friends in front of an incredible backdrop on your trip but could never fit everyone in the frame? Well that problem can be solved with the new Selfie Stick! You can attach your phone to the end of the extended stick, and through Bluetooth technology, you can snap pictures of a big group of people without worrying about anyone getting cut out! This may seem a little bit cheesy, but it is extremely popular among tourists everywhere. The selfie stick is great for sightseeing, but may not be the best for boat rides or snorkeling, since no one wants to lose their iPhone! An alternative to the selfie stick is the much more expensive GoPro. The GoPro is meant for action sports, and is waterproof and shockproof, making it great for all the adventure seekers out there, whether its skydiving, or snorkeling. I used my GoPro for cliff jumping and got some awesome photos and videos! So depending on what kind of trip you are on and what activities you are doing, the selfie stick is one of the best travel accessories to include for your trip!


2. ) The LifeProof iPhone Case

We all know that almost everyone has a smartphone, and most people cannot go a few minutes without it! Even on vacation when we’re on the beach we cannot seem to leave our phones in the hotel, despite all the sand and water everywhere! The LifeProof case enables its users to feel like their phone is safe and indestructible, even on the beach! This case comes in a ton of different colors and even though they are extremely protective, they’re pretty cute! The case is waterproof and although I wouldn’t recommend scuba diving with it, the case definitely protects your phone from spills and splashes at the beach. The rubber around the outside makes it shock proof as well. So when you’re trying to put your phone on your selfie stick, don’t worry about dropping it in a LifeProof case! You’ll be protected!




3.Sintillia Sunglass Straps

In my opinion. Sintillia Sunglass Straps are the must have travel accessory for everyone! Nobody wants to lose their sunglasses on vacation, so these straps are functional and fashionable. The straps come in tons of different styles and are perfect for any vacation or adventure since sunglasses never go out of style! Sintillia’s straps are like jewelry, so while, you’re sunglasses are hanging around your neck, you get a cool little necklace out of it, and while you’re sunglasses are on your face, the strap creates a ton of interest to the back of your head, making your travel outfit unique and fashionable. Since everyone needs sunglasses, the Sintillia sunglass strap is the most useful and important travel accessory to have!


Life and style blogger Kaitlynn Carter recently posted on her blog, Western Wild, that she was “Wild About” Sintillia sunglass straps. She loves how they are functional and stylish at the same time! She says she never worries about leaving her sunglasses behind or losing them, because she has an awesome, stylish sunglass strap to keep her glasses safe!


What are your favorite travel accessories you never forget to pack?


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