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Top Five Eyewear Trends for 2015

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No matter which season it is, winter or summer, sunglasses are essential throughout the year as it is not restricted to a specific season and it's always fun to keep up with the latest eyewear trends.


Besides protecting our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, sunglasses play a major role in forming our expression and increasing our elegance. Wearing the right sunglasses allows you to look fashionable and complement your attire. Now a days, choosing a pair of sunglasses can be just as hard as picking out a house; okay maybe not a house but definitely a car. The fashion world moves just as fast or in some cases faster then we do.  If you find that its difficult to wear upcoming seasons, then you must follow our Sintillia Guide to picking the hottest eyewear trends, offered through the world of fashion.

Just like any “new trend”, eyewear trends are either completely new or they are inspired from our past. To help you choose the most appropriate trend that can reflect your individuality, Sintillia brings you the top five eyewear trends coming in 2015.


1.) Aviator Frames: 

Popularized by pilots and Tom Cruise, aviator-style sunglasses have become a favorite to many all over the world. They are among the hottest eyewear trends that are presented to you in the new year. Their frames come in different shades and the glasses are completely transparent to match the various forms and shades of the used frames. 


2.) Graphical or Geometric Frames:

Sintillia would say these are definitely something that hasn’t been seen before. There are several geometric and graphic forms that are presented for the next year to up one up with creative sunglasses that are really catchy. These eyewear trends are available in different designating forms such a square, round, triangle, and ovals forms to choose what reflects you’re personality and what matches the shape of you’re face. To see how to decide what sunglasses goes best with you’re face check out our "Get The Right Sunglass Shape for Your Face!” blog post.


3.) Oversized Sunglasses:

For people who prefer their face to be hidden from society; these are a perfect match for you! Being oversized is the significant trend that is obtainable in this coming year. Let's just say with these, more is Less.  



4.) Bright Colors: 

The new eyewear trend that is presented for this new year tend to give wearers a more youthful and edgy look. These frames scream fun and full of energy, catching others eyes. 


5.) Sunglasses With Dark Lenses

If you are privileged enough to already have sunglasses with dark shades, then you can wear them for the next year as they are among the hottest rends that you are going to find this season. And for those who don’t, hop on the train wagon because this type of shade will make you scream NYC chic! 


Of course with any kind of sunglasses, no matter the “trend”, Sintillia will always be in style, accessorizing your eyewear in a unique way. Plus not only are we fashionable but the functionally behind always protecting your sunnies is important since you know they are expensive. 

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook and show us what you think is trending. Sintillia would love to hear about any eyewear trends which you think you’ll be seeing a lot of this summer! 




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