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Coachella Weekend 1 Has Arrived, 2015 Survival Guide

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With Coachella's Weekend 1 now here, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of the festival, and knowing what to do to survive Coachella this weekend and next if you are attending for Weekend 2. 


  1. Know the Bands!

It is important to know the bands before you get there! You don’t want to be the one person wandering around from tent to tent trying to find the best party. When the set list comes out, listen to music from all the bands on YouTube, that way you know which shows to go to and which ones to skip! While you’re listening to the music on YouTube rate the bands so you know which ones to hit first, and which shows are less important to you. This is definitely one of the most important tips! There’s a lot to get done in a short amount of time, so it is important to know where you are going! Some people who are not familiar with the music only hit 3-5 shows a day and no body wants to do that!

  1. Wear Comfy Shoes

This is a huge thing to remember! Yes, everyone wants to make the perfect boho outfit for Coachella, even down to the shoes, but trust me ladies, comfort is way more important than style in this case. Do not wear any open toe shoes! This is music festival after all, which means tons of dancing and tons of toes getting stepped on. Wear a closed toe shoe! Athletic shoes are also highly encouraged. You’re walking 3-4 miles a day and after standing all day at various shows, you’re feet are going to hurt.

  1. Keep Yourself Protected

Water and Sunscreen are must! You’re going to be in the sun all day long. You may not think you’re getting sunburn, but you probably are. People may feel weird about putting sunblock on in the middle of the show, so do it at your camp, or back in your hotel room. Just make sure you put it on at least once! Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Like I said you will be in the sun all day, and most likely drinking and partying, and in order to make it through the whole festival and not have to nurse a hangover every morning is the keep yourself hydrated!

  1. Save Your Cellphone

There is very limited service and charging stations are few and far between. I suggest either turning your phone off or turning it on airplane mode when you are not using it, or, better yet, leave the phone at your camp! You don’t want to risk losing it and it takes away from the experience if you’re constantly on your phone. Because Coachella is so packed with people, often times the cellular service will not work, so by keeping it on airplane mode you will save your battery, so it has extra life for snapping pictures and videos from your experience.  We have found the cutest festival cell phone cases that have dreamcatcher decals and other bohemian, festival inspired designs. They are definitely a must have to make sure all of your accessories are festival-fashion approved. 

  1. Cheap Sunglasses and Great Accessories

I can not stress this enough: do not bring expensive sunglasses!! Chances are you will lose them while you’re dancing, drinking, or partying. It’s not worth it to bring your favorite, expensive Raybans. Find a cheap pair online or at your local Target so you wont care if you lose them. If you are someone who plans to rock their favorite designer shades, don't go without protection!

Sintillia sunglass straps are designed for festival attire and they will keep your sunglasses around your neck, while you are dancing around all weekend. With a variety of strap styles to choose from they all add a unique and boho flare to your favorite Coachella look. They’re both stylish and practical. We know sunnies at the all music festivals are a must whether they are expensive or not, but protecting them in a fashionable way is one of the newest Coachella 2015 trends. Sintillia has made other fashion blogger's like Sarah Najarfi's list of where to shop for adding the best accessories to your 2015 Coachella outfits.


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