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2015 Coachella Activities You'll Need Your Croakies For With Weekend 2 Ahead

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Typically accessorized with a beer, a white polo shirt, and a pair of boat shoes; Croakies have allowed summer-loving bros to make sure they never lose track of their Oakley's during Hampton party-time festivities. Now with sleeker designs Croakies are slowly transitioning into statement sunglass straps with more of a function than a fashionable purpose for Coachella Weekend 2 ahead.

So how will these new and improve Croakies save your sunglasses this year at Coachella? Well lets just say that Coachella has added a couple of more activities this time around. Lets take a look! 


The Water Balloon Toss:

Teams of two will be tossing a water balloon. After each successful toss the distance between the two will increase.


The Relay Races:

Teams of 4 will be formed to compete in a relay race. This race will require some spinning, crawling, and tumbling — Lets say your statement sunglass straps will become the 5th team member. Croakies will be able to ensure the safety of your sunglasses while you ensure first place to your team.


The Pie Eating Contest:

This is the opportunity to eat free while not having to use your hands; who’d ever think that would happen. But for instances like these— this is a moment where your croakies will be a team player. Keeping your sunglasses either strapped to your head or around your neck ensuring they won’t fall into the pie! 


JBL Epic Pool Party:

Either from a reckless night prior or sore from the epic dance moves you created, everyone can use a little bit of TLC ( Tender Loving Care). Coachella has created a place wear you can relax and clear your head. After taking a “dip” in the pool photo booth, JBL is adding to the experience by offering a five to ten minute massage. These massages are customize by selecting your favorite tunes to relax and recharge with their special headphones. Sintillia thinks it’s safe to say you won’t be needing your sunglasses for this— just close your eyes and relax! Plus air conditioning and phone charging will be available during your TLC session!  



As many of us know limbo is about form and execution. It’s pretty much how low can you go while bending backwards as you go underneath a pole— this screams sunglass danger. Your croakies will provide you will the ability to execute matrix formation while not having to worry about your sunglasses falling off or breaking! 


Ferris Wheel:

Once again the ginormous and stunning Ferris Wheel that resides at the California state fair will make it to Coachella for Weekend 2! Its highly recommended that its ridden during sunset. So why may one need to be wearing Sintillia Statement Sunglass Straps / Croakies ?

  1. Just incase you decide to look over… say bye bye to your Prada’s 
  2. For the beautiful photos which will definitely be taken. Sintillia will add a sense of uniqueness to your photo making it that much special.

Remember to tagged Sintillia in any Coachella Activities that you take part in for Weekend 2! Make sure you check out all the Sintillia Sunglass Straps so you can create your own unique look for Weekend 2 during Coachella’s Activities! Fashionable croakies in hand, or not, be sure to tag us in your Coachella adventures, we would love to repost our favorite fashion looks. 




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