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The One Accessory That Never Goes out Of Style: Sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses!

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Whether You’re Style is Classic or Modern, Ray-Ban always has sunglasses perfect for you.

Ray-Ban sunglasses have been around since the 1930’s and have established themselves as a household name in the world of sunglasses. With tons of different shapes, styles, and colors, there is a pair that fits everyone’s personal style! With summer right around the corner, check out your favorite styles at your local Sunglass Hut before it’s too late.


The Classic Aviator

The aviator has been part of the Rayban family since 1937. Since then, it has become the most popular style. The metal frame and oval shape fits almost every face shape. The aviator classic has a metal frame that comes in either gold or black. You have the option of a polarized lens in green or brown. Some of the more modern aviators come with bright lens colors, like orange, blue, and green. With the modern and classic twists on one of Ray-Ban original styles, there is bound to be a style for everyone.


The Wayfarer

The wayfarer is another one of Ray-Ban’s most popular styles. The thick rim around the lens provides a great outline that fits most face shapes. My favorite is the tortoise color frame with the brown lens. Tortoise adds a little bit of flare and modernity to the classic style. To make the Wayfarer even more modern, you can get the frame to be almost any color, and even pattern! Ray-Ban often has limited editions that are different colors and patterns, but get them while you can! The limited editions won’t last long!


The Clubmaster

The Clubmaster is definitely one of Ray-Ban’s most modern styles. They have a plastic frame on the top, and a metal frame on the bottom. They are definitely an edgy look to pull off and fit better on a smaller, more narrowly shaped face. Just like other styles, the lens in the clubmaster can be polarized or not. Both the frame and the lens come in multiple different patterns and colors. Like I said, this is one of their more edgy styles, and you can tone that edginess up or down with the different patterns and colors.


The Erika

My absolute favorite Ray-Bans style is the Erika. It is similar to the sort of ‘cat eye’ style that we’ve seen on tons of celebrities lately. The Erika is an oversized, round, plastic frame with metal on the sides. Since the lens is oversized, it may not be best for people with small or thin faces. This style also comes with a polarized and mirrored lens, but it also comes in a ton of different colors! There is even a velvet option that makes the already trendy style even more awesome!


Another thing about Ray-Ban's signature sunglasses is that you never have to look far to spot a celebrity rockin' one of their classic styles. Some of Hollywood's A list stars like Jennifer Aniston, Jullia Roberts and Kate Hudson are known for keeping up with their Rayban's style. Julia Roberts pictured below going for the more sleek all black look, while Kate Hudson rocks the colored frames.



A more current and trend right now is their colored and mirrored sunglasses. These can really zap life to an outfit and give off a very cool and edgy vibe. When it comes to festival fashion, mirrored sunglasses are a must. These are the perfect addition to your Coachella style and go great with Sintillia's colored feather straps

Now imagine what Ray-Ban Sunglasses would look like with Sintillia statement sunglass straps! With lots of their classic styles you can easily make more modern. Stylish sunglass straps would absolutely add some style and flare and bring the classic styles into a more modern light. Add lace, chain, or feathers to your favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to put a unique twist on a a trend that is an old classic!


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