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The Best Of Bohemian Accessories -Inspo From Coachella 2015

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When you think of “festival fashion” the first thing that comes to mind is Coachella and with that comes bohemian accessories galore. Festival fashion usually consist of your crochet knit tops, very ripped high waisted shorts or jeans, some kind of floral head piece or some kind of floppy hat, and of course your boho accessories.

Boho accessories are not you’re typical accessory; it can vary from uniqueness, color,  style, shape, form, and the possibilities are endless in the way you wear them. Sintillia has created a list of boho accessories that you will see at Weekend 2 at Coachella gathering new inspiration ideas for the rest of your festival outings this summer. Keep an eye out for these chic and unique accessories before the last week of Coachella. 


This boho accessory comes in many different style varying from metal, chained, laced, or even tattooed. Some incorporate stones, different kinds of metal, and materials. The best thing about this accessory is that many are hand made allowing them to have their own uniqueness. 


Temporary Flash Tattoos:

These bohemian accessories are usually found on Etsy or Urban Outfitter. At Coachella many will wear these boho accessories as rings, armbands, back, neck, ankle jewelry. Its now to some consider actual jewelry in cases of Dior when they used actual 24-carat gold microparticles in their design of the temporary tattoo. We love to get our metallic flash tattoos from My Kitsch. They also have lots of other festival fashion accessories.




At Coachella you will see many floral head pieces but many that are in re the simple chains which just adds enough jewelry to your outfit. Just like the armbands, many incorporate stones, charms, some time feathers. During Coachella Weekend 1 supermodel Nicole Trunfio shared snaps was she enjoyed the Coachella festivities with her close friends. Trunfio rocked a gold simple gold chain allowing her to complete her festival outfit. 


Bare Foot Sandals:

Lets just say you look like a royal goddess when you add these to your outfit. These delicate chain pieces come in different colors and materials. Most seen at Coachella Weekend 1 are the dainty antique chains. The best part about these bohemian accessories is that they not only cover your whole foot but act like a ankle bracelet giving you Coachella Outfit a elegant look. 


Sintillia Statement Sunglass Straps:

Lets just say you get all of these accessories, okay maybe not the flash tattoos, in one when accessorizing with Sintillia. The best part is, Sintillia not only acts as boho fashion jewelry but functionally keeps your sunglasses safe. These new and improve croakies vary is length, color, and material; incorporating all aspects of bohemian expression. This festival fashion accessory will tie your Coachella Weekend 2 outfit together. Bohemian accessories are going to be the next big thing in the festival world.


The crochet tops are getting overplayed. The best part is, all these accessories come in such different forms of expression allowing those to still have their own unique look. Sintillia would love to hear about your festival outfit and what you accessorize with. Please tag us on Instagram or Facebook in any of your favorite bohemian accessories from your look you rocked at Coachella 2015! 


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