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Turbans, Eyewear Chains, Crochet...Best Music Festival Accessories!

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The energy at music festivals is undeniable. The heat of summer has kicked in and everyone starts planning their festival fashion outfit well in advance to the big weekend. We are always on the search for cute, unique innovative music festival accessories to work into our festival wardrobe. Now, we have found not only fashionable accessories, but ones that provide function and keep you cool during the heat of this summer's music festivals like Sintillia's statement-making eyewear chains and sunglass straps. 

One of our favorite trends to make sure you look like a boho hippie chic while keeping the hair and heat off your neck! There are many DIY ideas on Pinterest and other fashion sites that help you to make your own gypsy head wraps without spending much at all. Our absolute favorite accessory to match with these fashion turbans are a good pair of sunglasses. Our favorite oversized sunglasses are The Brigitte's from Ellison. They are the perfect combination of oversized sunglasses that also look good on many face shapes. These sunglass frames are available in a variety of colors. We love the total black out look for these. Strap them on with our black Boho Braids eyewear chain and you will be all set to go. Or, pop these shades on with a bohemian turban and you have your summer look down that will also keep you cool while you are dancing through the crowds!


Now that you have the first half of your wardrobe covered, we move onto our favorite new find, that is essential for music festival heat. In order to keep your belongings safe, sound and depending what kind of music festival you are at, dry!! We found these amazing mini MAC cross-body strap bags. They come in all sorts of bright and fun colors and are lightweight to keep from weighing you down. These help you strap on your belongings and strap down some major eye-popping color. They are sold at Nordstrom.


The most obvious way to stay cool at the music festivals is to drink water. However, often we want to have free hands and not carry around a water bottle throughout the day. That's why we found these amazing crochet bohemian looking water bottle holders from Nasty Gal. Pair this bohemian accessory with a bohemian eyewear chain so that you can strap on your sunglasses and straps will never look so good! This way, you can stay healthy and hydrated without having your festival fashion take a hit. We see this one as a necessary music festival accessory for this summer. 

With one look at our next accessory fashion find, you can tell why they will contribute to keeping you cool as you dance the night away. Crop tops are as functional as they are fashionable for keeping you cool. However, for this summer we are all about the backless crop tops that have nothing but a tie in the back like a regular bikini would. Sintillia loves backless tops because they look great with many of our backlace sunglass strap designs. Because we are always bias for the more bohemian look, we are always finding bohemian versions of our music festival accessories. This backless crochet crop top is pretty close to perfect in our opinion.

This crochet crop top is the perfect example of what would keep you cool, while also contributing to your hippie chic look. To really spice up your crop top look, add in one of our statement sunglass straps, that will protect your sunnies and keep you from losing your sunglasses as you jump through the crowds. Sintillia's backlace collection is the perfect way to incorporate a cute charm piece with your backless crop tops. These charmed eyewear chains will make everyone around you dancing jealous.


Bonaroo that is coming up this weekend, to the pools at Splash House, the official music festival frenzy has kicked off for summer. We are always about accessories that provide both fashion and function to any outfit, which was the motive behind starting Sintillia and designing fashion-forward croakies so people could wear cute eyewear chains to protect their sunglasses as they rocked out at music festivals or wherever else the sun may lead them. Which design of eyewear chains do you like best for your music festival attire?




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