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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Mirrored Sunglasses and Sunglass Straps Are Best Of All

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You don't have to look far on social media to see that summer has arrived and sunglasses are trending for summer. From beach looks to music festival attire, everyone is breaking out their favorite summer inspired looks. Let's just say the ocean is not the only thing that will be reflective this summer! Bright, highly reflective, colorful lenses are definitely on trend. These mirrored sunglasses are showing up in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are the perfect summer accessory to add in and really make your outfit pop! Another way to add to the sunglasses statement-making fashion statement is to pair them with sunglass straps that add color and style to your eyewear.


To start a bit understated if you still like the colorful look, we love the classic colored Ray Ban aviators that are available in a more transparent color such as the pink shown below. For a more intense color reflection we definitely love their blue, green and orange frames. I mean, you can never go wrong with Ray Ban's aviator look and these colorful versions are the perfective accessory for music festivals.  

Beyonce sure knows how to rock her blues and add a good headpiece to the equation.  

One of the hottest trends is this color reflective look mixed with normal classic sunglasses frames. Wide, thick frames that normally are on sunglasses that are blacked out and usually match the color of the lenses. But not this summer, as we see them in all sorts of colorful and reflective combinations for this summer's eye-popping eyewear. The more mirrored the better. Also, overly circular frames also are making a comeback and we are seeing combinations of frames, lenses and colors that we aren't always use to seeing. Even transparent, white frames are being combined with the reflective trend. We would pair B with our silver glow chain sunglasses strap to compliment the intense color of her blue aviators.

Mirror mirror on the wall, which reflective style do I like of them all? This summer you can find versions of your favorite sunglasses with the mirrored lenses in all sorts of funky colors. All of which are framed by pretty much any kind of sunglass frames you can imagine. From the sleek wire look Ray Ban is famous for, to the transparent or white frames, this summer there are no style of shades that aren't available as mirrored sunglasses. A reflective lens calls for a reflective shiny eyewear chain. Our Bare it All backlace sunglass strap drapes down the back with many lines, shiny silver color and unique statement-making look. Strapping on your mirrored sunglasses will have you looking in the mirror for one last look.

Style icon and actress Kate Hudson rocks this ultra boho chic look with her white frames, orange reflective lenses and leather fringe back. Let's just say she nailed this funky bohemian summer style. In our plans for upcoming designs we are working on having a leather fringe sunglass strap that hangs down your back and gives a very bohemian and western look. It's the bohemian cowboy version of an eyewear retainer. Kate Hudson would most likely love to pair with her sunnies.

When we said these mirrored sunglasses came in all shapes and sizes we weren't kidding. These perfect heart shaped sunglasses combine all of our favorite parts of this trend and are a music festival must-have. These funky finds can be found at Forever 21 and are an affordable accessory to incorporate into your festival fashion. The funky shapes are great for expressing your inner fashion diva. For these frames we would add our arrow backlace sunglass strap that leaves a bohemian shape down your back. 

These transparent frames and mirrored lenses make for a fresh and unique look. These are one of our favorite looks that will be sure you are the only one at the pool with this style. They are a great balance of the circular frame trend, transparent frames and mirrored lenses. 

To spice up this look and make this style even more unique, you can add one of our new silver glow chain sunglass straps that will mix perfectly with your blues. 


What is your favorite color and style combination for this trend? Tag us in your Sintillia straps or rockin' your favorite sunglass strap and mirrored sunglasses to be featured on our social media!


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