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Sintillia’s Bohemian Accessories Summer Must Haves

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We’ve all been waiting for it, especially those who have been dealing with endless amount of snow, but Sintillia is proud to say Summer 2015 is finally here! It is time to kick it, travel, and enjoy the endless sun rays at the sandy beach. As we switch from pants to shorts and long-sleeves to bikinis we get to embrace bohemian fashion even more in the summer time. Regardless if you are traveling to Thailand or just kickin' it in Fire Island, bohemian accessories will be an essential for Summer 2015.

Not only will these pieces be fashionable but interchangeable to make sure you look your best at all time. Sintillia has created a list of must have boho accessories for this summer!

Regal Wraps: These beautiful pieces of material come in so many sizes and colors to make your style unique. This bohemian flair can either be worn at the beach to protect your hair from the salt water and sun or can be worn to go out over a ballerina bun to give you a sophisticated look. This is a great way to easily save time and still look fashionable! Paul Hanlon, a style guru, says to start the fabric an inch or two back from the forehead and says an added bonus to these regal wraps (aside not having to worry about the effect of summer’s humidity) that they accentuate your eyes and give your face a lift!

Hip Chain: This year we have seen a lot of fashionistas incorporate body chains within their fashion; pure example Rihanna. They are bold, flashy, and a little much for summer. Sintillia suggest rocking a hip chain which will give you a delicate but a bohemian fashionable look. Whether you’re wearing a crop top and jeans or in a bikini—the hip chain incorporates a sexy yet boho look, making this a bohemian accessory a must.

Detailed Choker: The 90’s are fore sure coming back especially thanks to Kylie Jenner’s black simple choker. But this summer, detailed chokers will integrate a bohemian feel, completed with ethereal detailing, perfect for adding a fierce yet enchanting touch to any outfit. You can rock this chocker weather you are in a white tee and jean shorts or even a night out on the town!

Sintillia Sunglass Straps: With sun, comes sunglasses—that is just a given. This summer give your sunglasses an accessory which can make any simple outfit to a bohemian one. These statement sunglass straps combine a simple yet bohemian look so you can rock it either at the beach, traveling, or just going food shopping. It’s fashionable as well as functional making this accessory a bohemian must have.  Sintillia’s Sunglass Straps come in various styles allowing you to be inimitable to others. Whether you are on a jog, playing volley ball in the sand, or just touring around Berlin make sure you have your Sintillia Straps where ever you go!

These bohemian accessories will set you from the rest and the best part is you can wear them where ever, whenever this summer—completing your bohemian look. Wherever the sun takes you this summer, make sure you tag us in any of these boho accessories for a chance to be reposted on Sintillia’s Instagram page!


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