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Summer 2015 Beach Accessories and Essentials

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Summer 2015’s Beach Essentials & Accessories 

With school coming to an end and the weather getting warmer; that only means one thing! It’s time to head to the beach! This is the time where we get to relax and enjoy ourselves while soaking up all that summer sun. As many of us know, the beach is a day thing and we must pack the essentials to compensate for those things which we might need later in the day. Sintillia has created a Survival Guide of the top 9 beach essentials and beach accessories which range from beauty, bohemian fashion, to electronics, to little beach secrets which you will need this summer for an effortless time at the beach.



To begin, Sintillia will definitely say that the number one important product to have in your beach bag this summer is sunscreen because unfortunately sunglasses can’t protect your whole face. Sintillia’s number one choice of sunscreen is Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF of 50. The best part it, Supergoop! Is full of natural extracts of citrus, basil;, and bois de rose to provide you with a subtle scent with no unpleasant “sunscreen” smell. This product is also great for people with sensitive skin and who are more acne prone allowing you to look good and be protected from the harsh summer ray sun.


Queen Size Bed Sheet:

You still must bring a towel for after you take your dip in the ocean but what is great about the Queen Size Sheet is that you will be able to have all of this space without constantly having to fix your towel to get all the sand off. This is also great by yourself or if you are heading to the beach with a friend!


Sun Hair Protector:

Whether you like it or not, our hair is constantly under damage when the summer time hits. From the sun, chlorine, and salt water our hair becomes a little bit more vulnerable to damage. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil will protect your hair from the sun’s damaging rays for up to 16 hours! This product contains organic coconut oil, palm oil, and shea butter to help condition and detangle strands from the sea salt water. 


    Portable Speaker:

    The only reason why you wouldn’t throw this in your beach bag is if you only want to listen to the waves crash on the shore; otherwise this electronic is a beach necessity.


      Spray Bottle:

      Pick this up at any 99 cent store for a life changer at the beach. Fill this up with water and mist yourself when the sun feels too hot and when your to lazy to walk the ocean. Also use this on your hair after you get out of the salty water to loosen up the hair follicles!




        As we bake in the hot sun it's super important to protect to protect our eyes from the sun. The best part of having sunglasses is that they also add as a great accessory to your bohemiem outfit. Sunglasses are a fun, funky beach accessory that allows you to add both function and flare to your style. Don't forget to also rock your Sintillia Sunglass Statement Straps with your sunglasses so they stay with you where ever you go! One of Sintillia's newest styles the stretch straps are great for the beach and when you are going to be around the water. They are comfortable to wear and bend and flex for any amount of movement or activity at the beach. 


          Baby Powder:

          You’re probably thinking “Why?” This will be a life saver for at the end of your day when you are packing up and getting ready to head to the car. Poor a little bit of powder on your feet, legs, hands, or where ever the sand might be—rub it in and just like that the sand is gone. No more sand is the car seat cracks or trails of it in the shower! Who would thought summer could get any better!


            Sintillia Sunglass Statement Straps:

            Last but not least you are going to NEED Sintillia Straps! Why? These fashionable straps will protect your sunglasses from all the beach activities such as volleyball, swimming in the ocean, running, frizz-bee, soccer, catch, and the list goes on and on. It’s fashionable and functional so in reality can it get any better than that? Choose from various bohemian styles that can give you a unique summer look!


              Pashmina Scarf:

              To finalize your bohemian summer look you will definitely need to have one of these in your beach bag. Why? Because it will be your best friend in all aspects of your beach day. We know we all have our days when we feel a little bloated; so this is a great way to still show off some skin but still be covered. It can also be used as a head wrap throughout the day to keep your salty hair out of your face! The best part is, they come in different colors and fabrics giving you an unique look—making you stand out of the crowd.


                We hope that from this list that you are more beach ready then you were last year! These little products will only benefit your experience at the beach with your friends, in the sun, with a beer in hand. So where will the sun take you this summer? Lets us know! And remember to #Sintillia where ever the sun takes you! Let us know your favorite beach accessories for summer?


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