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Summer 2015's Top 10 Bohemian Trends For Bikinis

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As the weather becomes warmer, we tend to wear less and less clothes until we are sitting poolside in bathing suits; sipping on a Bahama Mamas enjoying the sweet sun. With Memorial Day approaching, many are preparing for the summer season with new swimwear. With the healthy diet commitments and the late night gym sessions, Sintillia has created a list of the ten top boho bathing suits that you will want to rock this summer in that new sexy body that you’ve been yearning for all winter!


Bright Neon Colors

To begin, this is a great way to make a bold statement when sitting poolside, on a rooftop, in New York City. These colors will make your skin radiant— making you look like Greek Goddess. So if you are contemplating between plain yellow and neon yellow, this summer pick the neon one. The wrap trop has been pretty popular too, so if you have a smaller bust size, this design is perfect for you!  


Zipper Long Triangle Top:

You may compare this a little to a wet suit because of the zipper but you can never go wrong with choosing this kind of style. Whether you have a small or bigger bust size its flattering on all body types. You can zipper it all the way or leave it a little unzipped so show off the girls a little bit more! For a tip, make sure you check the zipper a couple of time before buying this design because of zipper malfunctions. Sintillia has seen these swimwear styles in tribal or solid print! 


Block Bikini:

This year we will see plenty of these bathing suits in different colors and design. This has more of a sportier look allowing you to be unique. This Block Bikini looks best in pastels and sorbet colors. Victoria Secret has a nice collection of these and many of the other boho favorites we have chosen. 


High Neck Line Bikini Top:

This bathing suit trend was introduced last year and lets say we will be seeing much more of this swimwear style this year! This bohemian swimwear style has been seen at this year Coachella 2015— and now you can rock this beachside in your shades and margarita in hand. The only draw back of this style is the tan lines — but hey sometimes you have to sacrifice things too look cute. Everyone knows that! 


Vintage One Piece:

To those who love thrift stores and always rocking out in something that is 20 years older than yourself — this bathing suit style is definitely for you. One pieces are always great for those days that your bloated or to just change up that basic two piece. The best part is, it looks great on any body shape — not to mention sexy. 


Crochet Bathing Suit:

Whether you go with a one piece or two piece, the crochet design is something that will always be unique. This boho design goes great with our Sintillia Statement Sunglass Straps allowing you to follow the sun where ever you are! 


Lace Bikini:

his summer many will look like they are in their intimate garnets but don’t worry— its just a lace bikini. This swimsuit design will allow you to be super sexy yet; have a bohemian style to it. A lot of brands such as Victoria’s Secret have incorporated lace in many of their bikini designs to have a sexy, feminine, and boho vibe all in one. This would be great for those who are going on their honeymoon — we promise your hubby won’t forget it! 

Fringed Bikini:

This bathing suit design screams fun! Designed in beautiful colors, you are sure to grab the attention of those around you. Fringe has been out for a while but what is different is wear designers are placing it. You’ll never see fringe on the top and bottom because there is such a thing of too much fringe but regardless this will look great on any kind of body shape making it Top 10 Bathing Suits For 2015. 

Floral Print Accents:

This year at the Ritratti Milano Swimwear Collection incorporated a lot of swimwear with floral accents. Flowers are a reminder of a woman’s nature; kind and gentle. 

Ethnic Print:

Some may call it “tribal” but regardless what you call it — it’s in this summer. The best part of this designs is the endless possibilities of prints, allowing you to mix & match and get a little funky. Sintillia also suggest getting a ethnic print with a solid bottom if wearing a top and bottom print is too much. 

The thing with this year’s swimsuit fashion is that they don’t have to match; so go ahead and get creative! And don't forget to rock Sintillia sunglass straps with any bathing suit you wear this summer. Wherever the sun takes you this summer, Sintillia wants to be there— so make sure you tag us on Instagram or Facebook enjoying the sun and rocking out in one of these bohemian swimwear designs!


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