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Sunglasses of the Fashionable & Famous

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We've spotted the best sunglasses worn by the emerging fashion bloggers and celebs. From the funky one-of-a-kind sunglasses to the everyday classic RayBan shades that never get old. We're always keeping an eye on these bloggers for the up and coming tips and trends so why not make note of their sunniest of shades. Our mission would be to put on a Sintillia Sunglass Strap or a fashionable eyewear retainer on every single one of them!

Miley Cyrus never ceases to amaze us with her outspoken, loud and sometimes totally crazy fashion statements. These "Slutty Cat Eye" Acetate Sunglasses, really live up to her one-of-a kind looks. These black and white almost cruella esq sunnies are bold, bright and statement-making. Pair with her red lip, she is ready for a night on the town with a look that no one has.


Kourtney Kardashian always goes for the lady-like, classy look. When it comes to her sunglasses, it is no surprise we find her in these feminine frames. Cat-eyed sunglasses that look great on a rounded face shape. The side accents help compliment the corners of her face. She goes for the all black-out shades, but many sunglass styles or sunglass straps like this look just as good with two-tone looks. We think Miley would be a great candidate for our bare it all backlace sunglass strap to complete her unique rocked out look. She pairs these sunglasses with a soft rose-pink lip shade that really compliments her tan and brunette bombshell look. We would love here to wear some Sunglass Straps from Sintillia, which will happen very soon!


Another cat-eye queen is Olivia Palermo. Her face-shape is differs quite a bit from Kourtney K, but the cat-eye looks fabulous on her. For a more heart-shaped face shape with defined cheek bones, these cat-eyed sunglasses are definitely a must. These shades make for one very striking profile. For Kourtney we would pair her stunner shades with our black boho braids eyewear chain. The classic blacl look with the braided chain would spice up and take her sunglass style to a whole new level.

Our next sunglass superstar is Gwen Stafani, who always seems to get it right. With her fun, bright and funky style, these barbie pink frames, go hand in hand with her blonde bob. Paired with a more under-stated pink lipstick, she lets the focal point be her sunglasses with the eyewear retainers or Sunglass Straps. These pinky, poppin' shades would look good on anyone with a short bob or a lighter complexion. 

Who knows how to rock oversized-shades better than the Olsen twins? Known for their unique and one-of-a kind fashion sense, Ashley Olsen rocks these perfectly circular sunnies. She has a heart-shaped face and usually rocks the messy, beachy hair pulled back. These circular frames really make her look pop and bring some extra definition to her face.  The Olsen twins almost always go for the all black lenses and love the hippie-chic look. We LOVE these sunglasses pair with this messy up-do hair. Imagine what would happen if you put some Sintillia Sunglasses-straps on it. For these oval eyed Olsons, we would strap her sunnies with our chain lace sunglass retainer. The three chains would frame their petite build and make their sunglass style shine.


Our next favorite upcoming Dutch beatuy, Gigi Hadid is the definition of flawless. She has such a sexy and sophisticated style. When it comes to accessorizing, Gigi, likes to pull out the bold, reflective bags, sunglasses with there straps. With these not only blinding reflective lenses, but combined with a pop of colors and a funky shape to the frame. This is not a look you will worry about running into someone else having. For more of Gigi's incredible style check out her instagram. Gigi needs a major statement-making eyewear chain from Sintillia, for her we would pair these stunna shades with our Feather Drop sunglass chain. 


From the shades of the stars to the everyday selection at your local drugstore, sunglasses are an amazing way to make a statement in your personal style. We love to look for the up and coming trends for sunnies and think that the more daring you get the more fun and funky your style becomes to match them. A great way to dress up a pair of sunniest to make them a more statement-making look is to add sunglass straps to them. From our elephant backlaces to our classic everyday glow chains, Sintillia makes straps or eyewear retainers for your sunglasses that can fit any mood or occassion. Croakies are a thing of the past, but sexy statement-making sunglass-straps definitely a thing of 2015. 


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