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Trend Alert: Charm Up Your Eyewear Chains

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Charms have become a popular way to add flare up your favorite accessories and now with Sintillia's latest designs you can even charm up wardrobe with eyewear chains. Brands like Pandora and Alex and Ani have a long history of creating accessories with charmed style. But now, unlike the predictable accessories for charms, Sintillia's added charms to the back of your favorite sunglass strap and eyewear chains. Making a sunny fashion statement with your moon, triangle, elephant and arrow eyeglass chains, will reflect your inner personality and unique style. 

The Elephant Backlace Sunglass Strap:

Elephant: For all of our animal lovers and travelers, the elephant portrays our world's beauty and appreciation for nature. One of our newest sunglass strap designs, The Elephant Backlace, is a popular new strap that leaves a rustic gold elephant charm hanging midway down your back. The elephant hangs at the base of your neck as the sunglasses rest on the front of your chest.

Pandora features an elephant as a silver option for their popular charm bracelets. According to Pandora, the elephant symbolizes luck and perseverance, two qualities that people would want to have represented through the bracelets. Alex and Ani created their elephant charm to represent loyalty, perseverance, camaraderie, and luck. The goal of this charm was to encourage others to pursue their passions and chase their dreams.


Adding to your statement-piece accessories, Sintillia now brings you elephant eyewear chains that will allow you to charm up your style in a unique way your friends aren't already doing. 


The Moon Backlace Sunglass Strap:

Lined with small crystals, our new moon eyeglass chain hangs down as a backlace style with a crescent moon charm that gives a peaceful and bohemian look. The unique feature with the moon is that designers can choose different moon phases for their accessories. Sintillia chose the cresent moon because it is a delicate piece and also a sorority symbol for many sorority sisters. Follow the sun at the moon with this new moon strap for your sunglasses. The moon glistens in the sun with the small crystals it's lined with.

Pandora offers a moon charm that represents dreams and light guiding a path. People that choose moon are people that have big dreams, and stop and nothing to pursue them, following the paths that the moon lights for them, wherever they lead. 

New Sunglass Strap Designs:

We love hearing from our customers and would love to know which charm design you would like to see us release for our eyeglass chains. Currently, our sunglass straps come in a variety of charmed options including the feather, arrow, triangle, elephant and moon. Our newest idea for all of yogis out there, is the Hamasa hand. What do you think?


The Hamasa hand or Hand of Fatima as it is also known, has become one of the most popular charms for bohemian accessories like necklaces and bracelets. The Hamsa hand is an upside-down hand with an eye in the middle, and is one of Alex and Ani’s most popular charm bracelets. The hand symbolizes a defense against negative energy as it deflects the gaze of the evil eye away from the person wearing it. It also symbolizes feminine power, so the woman wearing the bracelet can look and feel powerful and beautiful. As you settle down in front of a body of water, watching the sun rise, a Hamasa hand eyewear chains would be the perfect accessory to add to your yogi and activewear attire. As you extend your body into various yoga positions, our eyeglass chains will keep your sunglasses from flopping to the ground and being damaged. A Hasma hand design would represent the peaceful and reflective energy you are trying to portray while practicing yoga. 

Sintillia is always looking for ideas and insights from our customers about our latest designs for our eyewear chains, please feel free to comment below with any input or ideas below! 



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