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Eyewear Chains & Other Statement Making Styles & Accessories For Fall

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As Fall rolls in, everyone starts looking for a new fresh fashion-statement for Fall. Are you looking for an eye-popping accessory or clothing item that completes your look and catches people's attention? We've created a list of Fashion influencer's Fall Fashion looks and other hot items on the market that are very on trend.

Layering Necklaces

Layering small charm and bohemian style necklaces that vary in style are very in for Fall. From your simple charm necklaces that hang your favorite symbol or charm to your more unique, bohemian inspired styles that catch your eye are very on trend. Delicate layering of charm or natural accent piece necklaces like pictured below are very popular.

Similar to Sintillia's charm piece eyewear chains unique accents for jewelry are really on trend for Fall fashion. Delicate chains with trendy charms like the moon, feather, arrow and elephants, these bohemian inspired accent pieces are really popular right now. 

Chain Accessories

Whether it's bracelets. necklaces or eyewear chains all small and delicate chains are very in for Fall. With the nature greens and browns coming out for Fall, brassy golds and darker silvers are very complimentary. 

Leather Straps

Strap up your boots for Fall, from leather to suede, the mid length ankle booties are back. 

Grays, greens and browns all show the suede well and still look good after some wear and tear. Black and Brown leather is always a hit for Fall Fashion and if you're looking for a gift for Christmas for your boyfriend or husband, Sintillia's newly released Unisex sunglass strap for men and women brings fashion and function together. Because we have full line of eyewear chains for women's fashion that offers a variety of feminine designs, we listened to your feed back and designed a unisex style that looks great on both men and women and is available in black or brown straps. Now your boots aren't the only Fall accessory you can strap on!


From layering and stacking jewelry to strapping on your leather boots and styling up your sunnies with eyewear chains, these fashion trends keep you looking fresh and fashionable for Fall. 


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