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Your 2015 Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

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Whether we want to admit it or not, the holidays are here and holiday shopping is coming. As soon as you give out the last of your Halloween candy to anxious trick or treaters, Christmas decorations are packing the shelves of every store you shop at. You realize your window for shopping is rapidly closing, and between your work, friends, family and Netflix binges, it’s only closing faster. So before you get too overwhelmed about what to get for whom, put on a Christmas carol and read this guide to surviving holiday shopping.


  1. Don’t panic

Sure, you want to pick a good gift, and make your friends and family happy. But the people closest to you will just be happy that you are there celebrating with them. Even though some people don’t believe the “it’s the thought that counts” line, it really is true. The holidays aren’t about the gifts, they’re about spending quality time with the people you love.


  1. Less is more

The average person spends almost $800 on gifts for family and friends during the holiday season. Something that costs $100 is not necessarily more meaningful than something that costs $10. Take a minute to think about each person as an individual, and try to find a gift that matches his or her unique personality or represents something about your relationship. You can even make something, Just as long as it s thoughtful. Putting some thought in goes a long way.


  1. Be practical

If the average person spends up to $800 on gifts, you want to make sure that what you’re getting everyone is going to be used regularly. It’s easy to get caught up in buying the coolest gift, but if its not going to be used, its pretty useless to buy. While you are shopping, think to yourself, “Does anyone really need this thing that cracks your eggs for you?” If the answer is no, then try for something a little more universal.


  1. Think outside the box

This is one of the most important survival tips, because it makes shopping fun! Go for something out of the ordinary. Keep in mind tip #3 and make it practical, but don’t be afraid to have fun with it! No one wants a boring pair of new socks under the tree, so think of something new and fun to give that will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face!


My recommendation for a gift idea that will go with all of these tips is a Sintillia Sunglass Strap. They’re super easy to get, they’re inexpensive, practical and fun! Sintillia has straps in all different colors and styles, so they fit anyone’s style. Whether your loved ones have a classis, edgy or boho style, there’s a strap to match. The straps look like jewelry, so they are a great statement piece that also hold your shades in place when you’re not wearingsunglass-straps-holiday-shopping them. With so many trends now focusing on interest on the back of clothing, you can step up your style game with Sintillia. When you wear your shades, the strap hangs down your back in a cool, high fashion way, and when you want to take them off, the strap acts as an awesome piece of jewelry around your neck.

            Jade Roper and Leah Jenner are just a few of the celebs rockingeyewear-chains-holiday-gift-idea this look this year so don’t miss out! Jade Roper posted on her Instagram about how excited she was to have a fashionable and functional accessory like a Sintillia Sunglass Strap. Keep Sintillia in mind when brainstorming gift ideas this holiday season to make your holiday shopping a success!

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