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Amp Up Your Style With These Trendy Strap Accessories

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Trendy strap accessories are everywhere, even if you don’t realize it. Everything has straps, so how can they be trendy? Designers have discovered ways to take very functional pieces and turn them into art. Now, when you see straps, they are a part of a statement design that becomes your latest style must-have.


Cross Body Bags: They’re everywhere. Designers from Marc Jacobs to Michael Kors are designing these functional bags to be super trendy. A Cross-body bag is basically a small bag that sits on one shoulder and then hangs down to the opposite hip. This kind of bag is not the kind you shove your keys, designer-cross-body-bag-strappy-accessory-fuctional-fashionwallet, makeup, extra shoes, and maybe a puppy in. It’s the bag you bring for a night out with friends at a bar, or concert, or anywhere where putting a bag down is a bad idea. But before you get too excited, you might want to leave the four-legged friend and the extra shoes at home (as much as your feet might hate you at the end of a long night in heels). A bag like this is perfect for some cash, an ID, and your lipstick and mascara. The leather strap makes it super functional, because you can wear the bag no matter where you are, and never have to worry about losing it.


Bralette: This is also another super fashionable and functional thing to add to your closet this season. They’ve been around for a while, starting out as simple strapless, solid bandeaus But styles of shirts have changed a lot. Now, shirts with low fronts and open backs have become more than tops you wear for a night out. With the help of a bralette, you can dress these tops down and make them more versatile. The most unique feature of a bralette is the straps. There are tons of different types of bralettes, from casual to dressy. There are lacey ones that are perfect for under a sweater or t-shirt. The thicker, halter-type straps allow for lots of support for the girls and more coverage around your chest and shoulders. There are more strappy bralettes for dressier tops, that have strap details in the front for low cut shirts, or intricate straps in the back for open back shirts. These are astraps-bralette-new-strappy-looks great functional piece to have when you want to dress up your basics, or for when you want to add an edgy touch to you favorite look.


Strappy Shoes: These are easily the best investment you can make. Strappy shoes, especially heels, have been around forever, and are a classic staple in anyone woman’s wardrobes. From boots to sandals to stilettos, strappy shoes are a hot trend. Some are simple, like the classic black heel with one ankle strap, and some are more edgy, like the studded strappy heel made famous by Valentino this year. Even sandals have evolved from traditional flip-flops to knee-high strapped gladiator sandals to inspire your inner Greek goddess. For any shoe, straps are what keep the shoe attached to your foot. They serve a function whether you’re running through NYC trying to catch a train or dancing the night away with your friends in Vegas, you won’t pull a Cinderella and lose your shoe.


Sunglass Straps: One of the most functional accessories you can have. But I know what you’re thinking, that there’s nothing cute about a tired old croakie. Don’t worry; there is a fashionable alternative to the old felt strap that holds your shades. Sintillia Sunglass Straps are thsintillia-sunglass-strap-taylor-dash-dollse way to go. These straps are styled as intricate designs that follow the latest jewelry and accessory trends. Dash Dolls Taylor and Nazy are just a few socialites to be seen wearing these awesome straps. From simple leather straps to gold and silver chains with intricate charms, there’s a sunglass strap to match your own unique style.


No matter what your styles is, strappy statement looks are essential. Straps, for any article of clothing, are mostly for function. But just because they’re for function doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. Trendy strap accessories are all over the style scene, and they are staples you need in your closet ASAP.





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