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Fashionable Ways To Wear Your Sunglasses After Taking Them Off Your Eyes

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Sometimes, it is Summer or Spring and the weather is beautiful and the perfect season to whip our your favorite pair of sunglasses. While you're out and about and about and feel like taking off your sunglasses, we've got the perfect solution for you to rock. Sometimes putting them inside your bag might not be a good idea and besides you might just be taking a stroll in the city, shopping or just running errands and might not have carried a bag. Putting them in your back pocket can easily cause you to accidentally sit on them and crush them. Therefore, they can become inconvenient when they are not worn on your eyes, so we've done some research of reasons and options you have to solve this problem.  


Losing Sunglasses

Many people have ended up losing their sunglasses because they happen to place them somewhere and then left the place without picking them. This is why we have come up with various fashion-forward ways that you can protect your eyewear when they are not worn on your face.


Keep them on the head

Putting your sunglasses on the head is obviously the most natural thing many people do. However, this is only convenient if you don't have a hair style that won't get stuck in the nose pieces and or hair products causing your glasses' lens to smear and fog up. Some hair products might also cause damage to prescription sunglasses or regular glasses which eye doctors advise against wearing those on top of your head. In addition, when they are won on top of your head the frames can bend and flex resulting in them sitting on your face crooked.

A very evident solution to this are to hang fashionable sunglass straps on them, which securely fasten to your frames holding them tight from falling on the ground. This is a quick, easy and simple solution, that is also comfortable all the while being fashionable. Dress them up along with your outfit to match the color and fashion of your current outfit you're wearing.


Hang them from your shirt:

Hooking your sunnies from the neckline of your shirt may look stylish and be easy however, the moment you bend over they will slip right to the ground. Aside from having to pick them back up if you have full hands, they also often will become scratched from falling onto the pavement or worse, falling into the water if you're enjoying a nice Summer day at the beach. Besides, when they fall many times, damage could occur. If you are going this route, the best thing to do in order to prevent falling off and add more security is using the front buttons to hook the arm through. The disadvantage with this method, however, is that not every day will you wear outfits with front buttons and besides if you are engaging in sports or any physical activity then it is not a good option at all. 

Unique & Stylish Sunglass Chains

The can be an option for any woman looking for practicality along with fashion. A fashion sunglass chain might just be the thing you need to hold your sunglasses when you are not wearing them. First, the chain will look absolutely amazing when you are wearing your trendy shades on a hot summer or anytime that you feel like on trend.

When you decide you want your eyes free, all you need to do is take them off and they will hang around your neck with the help of the fashion sunglass chain. This will give you both a feminine style which results from a combination of super stylish sunglasses and a lovely looking sunglass chain. With this option, your sunglasses will always be available when you need them and they will not get lost since you aren’t parting with them. In addition, you're making a great fashion statement with the chain strapping your glasses as opposed to any of those other masculine or sporty-looking sunglass straps peddled out there and usually perfect for swimmers who don’t want to get water into their eyes.

Active lifestyle accessories:

For the fashionable yet active woman, this approach will keep you looking both elegant and provide you with the everyday functionality a sunglass strap offers. Elegance means wearing and taking off your designer sunglasses in style. You can always begin by choosing a variety of sunglasses straps so that you have a sunglass chain for every outfit and occasion. Some of the chain styles will be more bold and statement-making, while others you will want to use for your everyday look and light-weight, easy-to-wear outfits.



Music Festival Fashion:

For more inspiration on eyewear fashion there are also particular events that call for protection. Music festivals and more bohemian outfits assure that a lot of activity will be called for. Whether you're dancing around to your favorite music artist or lying in the grass while you're cooling off, take your eyewear with you. Another functional accessory for music festivals that we love are statement scarves and hair wraps. These are fashionable and functional as they hold your hair in place, while also allowing you to wear your hair down as you dance around at the festival. Festival fashion is something taken very seriously and definitely something that calls for practical accessories. Our favorite Coachella inspired Crown Wrap can be worn in a variety of ways including as a wrap on your top.



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