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What do your sunglasses say about you?

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What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

A whole outfit tends to make some sort of statement on its own but when sunglasses get into the picture, they show a different aspect of you. They bring out inner you so the outside world can have a glimpse. From the color to the shape and size, including when and where you put them on, can really tell a lot about you. Here are a few pointers on what your sunglasses say about you.

  1. Round frame.

These kinds of glasses are mostly worn by fashion daredevils

It takes courage and self-confidence to rock this look. The shape of your face is a factor to consider before settling on this one. Round frames are classy because they have been in existence since way back in the days. They reveal the free spirit in you.

  1. Oversized frames.

Oversized frames make a huge fashion statement. They speak on behalf of the wearer. Once you enter a room, your 'voice' is louder than the ones who are actually speaking. The sunglasses speak for you. The glamour dripping all over you with these big beautiful frames cannot be held back. This glasses simply say that you are an extrovert.


  1. Square frames

A serious, bossy, well-organized person is the best fit for square frames. It effortlessly brings out the picture. A perfectly stretched suit, nicely done haircut with these babies on could win you a great business deal. A semi-casual look is also a great accompaniment of square frames.


  1. Wraparounds

They are mostly for sports lovers like biking or hiking as that is what it depicts. That should be the only reason to wear them. Most people would insist on having them on casual days but that doesn't look cool. It intact sounds weird walking around with them unless you are a don't care kind of person. The reason they feel slightly tight around your ears is to prevent them from falling off during sporting activities. These are the perfect match for sporty people.


  1. Aviators.

This is another look that embraces the classy feeling. Fashionista is the best way to describe the wearer of this style. This means that a designer outfit in any color would be a walk in the park for them to try out. A serious personality also goes well with aviators.


  1.  Love heart frames.

This is not just a sunglass but a lovely eyewear accessory. It's sort of a music festival fashion as you like to entertain people with your bubbly personality. You are outgoing as well since you like meeting new acquaintances. The introvert would probably not be into this kind of frame.


  1. Cat eyes

Just like a cat, cheeky, playful and outspoken is what people will see through your cat eye frames. Aside from that, they are never out of trend as seen from red carpet events since time in memorial. There are some women who wear them with chains They bring out the wild, sexy personality to light.


  1. Oval frame

The frame speaks of a brainy character. Critic, slow to speak but fast in figuring out complex matters according to their area of expertise. They are not an outgoing person. An introvert would be the word for this wearer. When you wear such sunglasses you will be telling the world that you are not that daring in terms of fashion and style.


  1. Frameless glasses.

Smooth and sleek are the best words to describe this kind of personality. An organized character who values their space. They take time to do a task to perfection which is why many would consider them perfectionists.


  1. Butterfly frame.

Feminine and happy most of the time. Pink and purple might be some of the favorite colors. Outgoing and mostly in bright moods. A frown face wouldn't clearly go well with this kind of frames as they are mostly bright colored. This personality is also fashion updated as well as loves attending parties among other fun-filled events.


All these are just a few of the many sunglasses types out there. You would be surprised with how many varieties in different sizes, shapes, and colors there are. The only wise thing to do is to make sure you pick one that best suits your personality and mood. You could pick a few different types depending on where you are and how you feel at that particular time. No one stays gloomy or happy and bubbly forever. Events also matter. Take for instance in funerals. You wouldn't wear a bright beach-like sunnies to that kind of place. Be keen as you choose your summer look of the day and most importantly, consider your face shape. Pair any frame and fashion with the functional accessory of a Sintillia fashion sunglass statement which protects all sunglasses of every shape and size.


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