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Useful Tips On Choosing The Best Sunglasses For Your Face and Fashion

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Useful Tips On Choosing The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Getting the perfect sunglasses for your face isn't that easy. There are factors to consider before going to the store. The most important fact is the shape of your face. Your face shape will act as a guideline to what kind of sunglass to pick. A few pointers will be provided in the article to help you in determining the right sunnies for you. Here are tips on choosing the best sunglasses for your face.

  1. Frame shape.

The shape of the frame should complement the shape of your face. If your face is round, opt for a more curvy frame. It shouldn't have a wide frame too. The best way to determine your shape is to take a selfie. From there you can match it with the shape of the frame.


  1. The proportion of the frame.

The frame's proportion to your face should also be a factor to consider. A triangular frame will go well with a narrow jawline. This balances out the face from the middle, which is the area between your eyes and nose. With the right frame proportion, even bigger glasses would still look perfect as long as it balances on your face.


  1. Eye protection.

The main reason we wear sunglasses is to protect ourselves from direct UV light. Exposure to this light could cause serious eye problems such as short sightedness or in worst case scenarios, cancer from the radiation. It is therefore advisable that as you shop for sunnies, let your main agenda be eye protection. Get those that cover your entire eyes with the minimal amount of light passing through.


  1. Where to use the sunglasses.

Wanting to go out to the beach and enjoy a cool breeze? Then you have to choose sunglasses with the perfect fit to prevent them from falling off. You could use one of those sunglass chains to prevent this from happening. It also gives you ease every time you feel you want to remove them and don't really want to keep holding them. They will be hanging on your chest with the help of the chain. This is a classy style of showing off your glasses.


  1. Color

Choosing the right color of your lens can be fashionable. It should, however, have an element of protection and other color recognition. Dark lenses are the best for UV protection but you should also consider how dark they should be. Take for instance the road signs or the bikers with reflector jackets on very dark lenses are not safe in this case. Greyish or yellowish lenses work and are stylish too.


  1. Check lens quality.

The quality of the lenses can mess or save you. As you shop, scrutinize your lenses very well. Check for any scratches. Lightly coated lenses will easily scratch due to poor quality. Go for quality even if it means spending an extra coin to protect your eyes. Besides you don’t want to wear sunglasses that make you see uneven ground when in real sense the ground is flat.


  1. Check for any spoilage.

As earlier mentioned, you need to be assured of value for money. The best way to do this is to inspect your lenses for any sign that they might come off as you are going about your day. The small screws at the joints should be firmly into place. Apart from that, you might want to check for a knock-off alert.


  1. Try the glasses on.

Be sure that the glasses fit properly on your head. They should not be too tight as it may cause headaches. Check for tightness between your nose and eyes as well. A good idea that would come in handy is to use one of those cool-looking sunglass straps in case you have loose wraparounds. This can also work for your kids' loose sunglasses since kids are playful and might mess with the grips by pulling them apart from time to time.


  1. Research on the sunglasses before purchase.

This is just to inform you further on the specification of those sunnies. Apart from being cosmetic, does it come with UV protection? If not, simply opt for non-cosmetic ones which are classy to wear too and come with that important benefit. You may look for other information like whether they come with a case if they are fragile to avoid breakage.



  1. Go for fashion.

It feels so good to have something that other people look and admire about you. Look for trendy sunglasses and sunglass chains that are fashionable to pair with them. Normal eyeglasses are nowadays designed in a trendy way as well. Feel free to choose a reasonable style and rock it!

The tips will be helpful when it comes to shopping for your glasses.Kaia-Gerber-sunglass-fashion


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