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Ways To Wear Your Sunglasses and Look Sexier.

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Ways To Wear Your Sunglasses and Look Sexier.


Before they became an official fashion accessory associated with coolness and glamour, they were first associated with snow sports, aviation, factory and protection from the paparazzi’s glare according to the celebrities.


Today sunglasses aren’t only great at hiding hangovers, the black eyes from a fight you had last night or the emotions you are afraid of showing from your eyes. Sunglasses can make you look hot, they are a bold statement maker and a wonderful piece of accessory that completely transforms your whole look.


They are used as travel accessories, which is why you will often see a photo of a tourist in sunglasses and backdrop of some beautiful scenery. They are also common festival fashion accessories for those attending festival events, especially during summer. When you find cool ones that define your face, you will no doubt turn heads and notice all the envious stares.


But how can you achieve this? Outlined below are ways that you can wear your sunglasses and look sexier than you currently are.


1. Wear The Right Sunglasses

First, before you even think about your hair and makeup, consider the type of this eyewear that will suit your face. To be on the safe side, always give first priority to sunglasses that contrast your face shape. Contrasting your face shape means choosing sunglasses that have angular frames if you have a round face or choosing sunglasses with oval lenses if you have a chiseled jawline. The point here is striking the right balance.


2. Make Your Hair Voluminous.

For you to perfect that finished sunglasses look, you will have to add volume to your hair. If your hair is already thick and voluminous then you are in luck. However, if your hair lacks volume,  there are many things you can do to achieve it.  You can add more tresses of the weave you are wearing and if your hair is natural, you can always puff it up a little with a comb to give it more body. When sunglasses are worn a voluminous hair, the effect is nothing short of stunning!


3. Wear With A Hat

You can’t make a bolder statement than a beautiful hat and a pair of sunglasses. People will want to look at you and paparazzi might even mistake you for a celeb trying to hide their identity or some kind of royalty traveling incognito. When the sunglasses and hat are combined with a lovely looking summer dress the effect is absolutely beautiful and sexy.



4. Wear It With A Scarf/Scarves

A scarf and sunglasses create this lovely combination that says, “fashion forward.” Choose a colorful scarf that will give complement your sunglasses especially if you have chosen dark ones.


5. Sport Them With Chains And Straps.

Now imagine that scenario where you bend and your sunglasses come off, or you are walking fast and your sunglasses fall.  It is not a pleasant sight and not sexy in any way. In fact, it becomes quite embarrassing when anyone watches your sunglasses falling. To avoid such scenarios there are sunglass straps that will enable you to look cool the whole time you are wearing them because they won’t fall off anymore.


6.) Fashionable eyewear trends are coming and going but good old sunglasses still remain the king of eyewear. When you know how to dress up with your sunglasses, you will always look cool. It will be as if the emoji with a face wearing sunglasses was created just for you. Just make sure that you always go for quality sunglasses for the best effect.


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